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Our Member Rates

PEC is dedicated to providing our members with the most reasonable electricity rates possible. Every month, we update your Power Cost Adjustment to reflect the cost of power incurred from our power suppliers. To determine your current Total Power Cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumed, use our residential rate calculator.

Power Cost Adjustment Notice

Beginning April 1, members’ bills will reflect an increased power cost adjustment factor – the pass through of power costs from LCRA. The increased LCRA power costs are due to rising natural gas prices, uncommonly cold winter temperatures and increased transmission costs. This adjustment will translate into an increase of $8 for every 1,000 kwh consumed by residential members.

PEC Summary of Rates

Rates Effective August 2009
Base Power Cost (BPC) per kwh
Base Power Cost - Primary $0.07064
Base Power Cost - Renewable $0.07708
Base Power Cost - Secondary $0.07208
Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) per kwh Determined Monthly
Total Power Cost (TPC) per kwh BPC + PCA
Residential and Farm/Ranch
Service Availability Charge $22.50
Base Power Cost per kwh $0.07208
Delivery Charge per kwh $0.03212
Power Cost Adjustment per kwh Determined Monthly
Total Power Cost per kwh per Month TPC
Water Well (small scale agricultural)
Service Availability Charge $19.50
Delivery Charge per kwh $0.03212
Total Power Cost per kwh per Month TPC
Small Power
Service Availability Charge $37.50
Delivery Charge per kwh $0.02488
Total Power Cost per kwh per Month TPC
Area Lighting

NOTICE: Beginning May 1, 2014, only LED lamps will be available for PEC-installed area lighting. Following are applicable lamp sizes and charges.

50-55 watt LED — 19 kwh per month $9.60
100-110 watt LED — 38 kwh per month $20.00
100 watt HPS* — 45 kwh per month $8.15
250 watt HPS* — 110 kwh per month $16.30
175 watt Metal Halide* — 78 kwh per month $8.15
175 watt Mercury Vapor* — 75 kwh per month $8.15
Total Power Cost per kwh per Month TPC

* These lamps will no longer be available for new installations effective May 1, 2014.

Any member requesting a change from an existing, working lamp to LED lighting will pay $250 for the first light and $180 for each additional light requested by the same member at the same basic location and at the same time.

These rates apply only to PEC-owned lighting. Member-owned street lighting is billed under the Small Power rate.

Large Power
Service Availability Charge $150.00
Capacity Delivery Charge per kw
- Secondary-Level Service $4.00
- Primary-Level Service $3.92
Delivery Charge per kwh
- Secondary-Level Service $0.01048
- Primary-Level Service $0.01027
Total Power Cost per kwh per Month TPC

The PCA figures below will be reflected on bills rendered on or after April 1, 2014:

  • Secondary Level Service (includes residential members and most businesses): $0.001 per kwh

  • Primary Level Service (includes large power members receiving service at high voltages): $0.00098 per kwh

Our rate structure is designed to reflect clearly the Cooperative’s delivery and power supply costs. For more information, review our Tariff for Electric Service, as well as our Line-Extension Policy and Service Policy.

Making Environmentally Friendly Electricity Affordable

Members who choose to receive electricity from renewable sources now pay a premium of only $0.005 (one half of one cent) more per kwh than their regular energy charge. Members who operate small power-production equipment, such as solar panels, are eligible to apply for our interconnection.

Other Utilities' Rates

You can view the rates of other electric utilities in Texas by visiting the Public Utility Commission of Texas.


Tariff for Electric Service

Download PEC’s policies and requirements

Line-Extension Policy

Download PEC’s requirements for extending distribution facilities

Rate Policy

Download PEC’s provisions covering rates for electric service

Interconnection Policy

Download PEC’s rules and regulations for small power generation and cogeneration


Visit the Public Utility Commission of Texas website