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Our Member Rates

PEC is dedicated to providing our members with the most reasonable electricity rates possible. Every month, we update your Power Cost Adjustment to reflect the cost of power incurred from our power suppliers.

Power Cost Adjustment Notice

Effective with bills generated beginning March 3, PEC reduced its Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) for all rate classes. For residential members, the PCA changed from $0.001 per kilowatt-hour (kwh) to -$0.003 per kwh — a $4 savings for every 1,000 kwh used. The typical residential account could see savings of more than $5 per month and $60 per year.

To estimate how the March PCA change will affect residential monthly bills, try our rate reduction calculator.

  • Residential and Farm/Ranch
  • Water Well
  • Small Power
  • Large Power
  • Renewable Power
  • Area Lighting

The Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) is updated monthly, and the adjustment below will be reflected on bills rendered on or after March 3, 2015:

  • Secondary Level Service: -$0.003 per kwh (credit)
    (Includes residential members and most businesses)
  • Primary Level Service: -$0.00294 per kwh (credit)
    (Includes large power members receiving service at high voltages)

Our rate structure is designed to reflect clearly the Cooperative’s delivery and power supply costs. The rates listed above are the most common member rates, but for less common rates review our Tariff for Electric Service. For more information review our Line-Extension Policy and Service Policy.

Accommodating Alternative Energy Options

We encourage our members to take advantage of solar panel technology, wind energy turbines and other small power-production equipment. PEC offers net metering for interconnected generation equipment, routing power through a single meter that measures the PEC-delivered electricity you receive and subtracts the amount of electricity exported by your equipment. Find more information about System Interconnection in the Alternative Energy Options section.

PEC's Board recently amended the Co-op's interconnection policy to increase the rate PEC pays for surplus energy generated by members with interconnected generation equipment. The almost 70 percent increase, which went into effect Dec. 1, was announced during the 2014 Hill Country Solar Tour.

Other Utilities' Rates

You can view the rates of other electric utilities in Texas by visiting the Public Utility Commission of Texas.


Tariff for Electric Service

Download PEC’s policies and requirements

Line-Extension Policy

Download PEC’s requirements for extending distribution facilities

Rate Policy

Download PEC’s provisions covering rates for electric service

Interconnection Policy

Download PEC’s rules and regulations for small power generation and cogeneration

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2015 Cost-of-Service &
Rate Design Study

Find updates and information about the cost-of-service and rate design study being conducted by PEC.


Visit the Public Utility Commission of Texas website