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Board Nomination Petitions

Pedernales Electric is guided by the unique principles of the cooperative business model, including democratic member control. Our Board of Directors, made up of democratically elected PEC members, provides leadership and oversight on behalf of the entire membership.

Each year, eligible members can seek nomination for director positions up for election through the petition process established by PEC's Bylaws. The deadline to file a petition to be a 2014 director candidate was April 7, 2014.

The following is a basic outline of the nomination-by-petition process. Members seek nomination for a Board position by:

  1. Reviewing Article III of the PEC Bylaws, as well as the Board district maps, Election Policy and Procedures and Conflict-of-Interest Policy to check your eligibility and for other necessary information. Nominees must maintain primary residence and receive continuous electric service for one year in the PEC director district for which election is sought.
  2. Downloading petition materials from the PEC website or getting them printed at a local PEC office.
  3. Completing all of the petition forms, including a Candidate Application, Consumer Report Disclosure and Consent Form, and Conflict-of-Interest Certification and Disclosure Form.
  4. Providing biographical information according to the guidelines in the Election Procedures. (Biographical information guidelines also are outlined in the petition materials.)
  5. Using the signature forms provided in the petition materials to obtain verifiable signatures from at least 50 members living in (or having designated voting residences in) the PEC director district for which election is sought. Lists of members for all director districts are available by contacting openrecords@peci.com or by calling 1-800-868-4791, Ext. 5163. Members seeking nomination are encouraged to collect more than 50 signatures to account for any possible verification issues.
  6. Mailing or hand-delivering all original, completed petition forms, including the Candidate Application, Consumer Report Disclosure & Consent Form, Conflict-of-Interest Certification and Disclosure Form, and Required Signatures, so that they are received by the Board Recording Secretary at PEC’s Johnson City headquarters by at least the 75th day before the PEC Annual Meeting. Biographical materials have to be emailed by 5:00 p.m. on the same date to election@peci.com. All forms and requirements have to be completed for PEC and the member-staffed Qualifications Review Committee to verify nominees' eligibility.
  7. If the member's signatures and eligibility are verified, they are placed on the ballot and contacted regarding a candidate orientation meeting. Directors are then elected by PEC members, with voting ending at the PEC Annual Meeting.

Other Information

Frequently Asked Questions

For questions about Board nomination petitions, download our list of frequently asked questions or email election@peci.com.


PEC Nomination Petition FAQs

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PEC Election Policy & Procedures

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2014 PEC Election Timeline

Download PEC's Detailed 2014 Election Timeline for Internal & External Processes

PEC Bylaws

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PEC Board of Directors District Maps

Download PEC's Board District Maps

PEC Conflict-of-Interest Policy

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PEC Director Compensation Policy

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