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Voting & Elections

A fundamental part of the cooperative difference is that PEC is democratically controlled by its members. We embrace democracy through our annual Board of Directors election, in which PEC members elect other members to serve as directors, and in some years, in which members vote on proposed Co-op initiatives. Director candidates are nominated by members through a petition process.

Voting typically opens in May, and our members are able to submit ballots online, through the mail or in person at the PEC Annual Meeting, where elections conclude and voting results are announced each June.

2014 Election recap

The 2014 PEC election began May 22 with early voting online and by mail, and concluded June 21, 2014, following in-person voting at the PEC Annual Meeting. Members elected Emily Pataki as District 2 Director and re-elected Kathryn Scanlon as District 3 Director. These directors will serve a three-year term from 2014 to 2017.

The Co-op membership also voted their preference to retain the Co-op’s current at-large voting system for future elections. Members voting preferred the at-large system over a single-member districts system 9,219 to 7,957.

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(The figure for total mailed ballots has been updated to reflect final certified ballots. Total ballots cast and election results were not affected.)

Qualifications Review Committee

The Qualifications Review Committee was established in 2014 for the purpose of having an independent, member-led group determine whether potential candidates satisfy the established requirements to serve on the PEC Board, rather than having PEC management and Board directors verify nominees’ qualifications.

The three- to seven-member committee reviews the qualifications of members who submit nomination petitions to become director candidates, and then certifies candidates satisfying all requirements. Members are invited to attend a committee meeting and comment about candidates' qualifications. The committee is appointed by the Board each February and dissolved after the PEC Annual Meeting. Complete committee details are outlined in the PEC Bylaws and the PEC Election Policy and Procedures.


2014 PEC Election Results

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PEC Election Policy & Procedures

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PEC Board of Directors District Maps

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2015 Election Timeline

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PEC Bylaws

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