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Voting & Elections

A fundamental part of the cooperative difference is that PEC is democratically controlled by its members. We embrace democracy through our annual Board of Directors election, in which PEC members elect other members to serve as directors, and in some years, in which members vote on proposed Co-op initiatives. Director candidates are nominated by members through a petition process.

Voting typically opens in May, and our members are able to submit ballots online, through the mail or in person at the PEC Annual Meeting, where elections conclude and voting results are announced each June.

On the 2014 Ballot

Director Election

PEC members are voting this year to elect Board directors to serve a three-year term, 2014 – 2017, from Board Districts 2 (map) and 3 (map). 

The following PEC members submitted nomination petitions by April 7 and are subject to review by the Qualifications Review Committee:

District 2

    • William D. Boggs
    • Emily Pataki

District 3

    • Kathryn Scanlon
    • Arnold LeVine
    • Don Zimmerman
    • Judy Pokorny

The Qualifications Review Committee will recommend nominations to the PEC Board of Directors, and the Board will announce the official candidates April 21.

Election System Referendum

In addition to the annual PEC director election, our Board also has called for a member vote to consider which voting system PEC members would prefer to use in future Board director elections. This vote will be between the Co-op's current at-large system of voting and a single-member district voting system.

The PEC Board of Directors intends to pursue the implementation of whichever system the voting membership favors. This includes making necessary modifications to the Cooperative’s governing documents and urging lawmakers to implement any necessary changes to state law. PEC takes no official position for either system of electing directors.

The following chart and presentation outline some of the differences and similarities between the two election systems. Members are encouraged to review these items and to discuss the election system referendum with other members at our online forum.

Chart: Election System Considerations Comparison (click)

Presentation: Election System Considerations Comparison

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2014 PEC Election Timeline

  • Jan. 21 – April 7 — Board director nomination-by-petition period.
  • April 15Qualifications Review Committee meeting to review candidates' qualifications.
  • April 21 — Board director candidates officially announced.
  • April 24 — Election Forum at PEC headquarters in Johnson City.
  • May 22 – 27 — Ballots, candidate biographies and notice of annual meeting mailed to members. Online and mail-in voting begins.
  • June 13 — Online and mail-in voting ends.
  • June 21 — In-person voting and election winners announced at PEC Annual Meeting.

Qualifications Review Committee Meeting

Tuesday, April 15
Member comments at 9 a.m.
PEC headquarters, 201 South Avenue F, Johnson City

The Qualifications Review Committee will meet April 15 to review the qualifications of members (named above) who submitted nomination petitions by April 7 to become director candidates. Members are invited to attend the meeting and comment about candidates' qualifications.

Election Forum

Thursday, April 24, 5:30 p.m.
PEC headquarters, 201 South Avenue F, Johnson City

Members are invited to the election forum to learn more about their 2014 PEC Board candidates and to give feedback on the election system referendum on this year’s ballot. Each candidate will be given several minutes to present their views, and then all candidates will take questions in a moderated format. Members will have the opportunity to make statements about the election system referendum after the candidate portion of the event.


Ballots will be mailed to all PEC members by May 27 by Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS), an independent election services company PEC has contracted with to manage balloting. Through June 13, members will be able to vote by mail by returning completed ballots to SBS using the included prepaid return envelopes, or they may vote online through SBS's secure website. Ballots will not be accepted at PEC offices. Members also will be able to vote in person at the PEC Annual Meeting June 21 in Cedar Park, where election results will be announced.


Election system considerations

Download a chart of considerations for the 2014 membership vote on election systems

PEC Election Policy & Procedures

Download PEC's Election Policy & Procedures

2014 PEC Election Timeline

Download PEC's Detailed 2014 Election Timeline for Internal & External Processes

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Co-op Member Forum

Discuss the PEC election system vote online with other members.

PEC Board of Directors District Maps

Download PEC's Board District Maps

PEC Bylaws

Download PEC's Bylaws

2013 PEC Election Results

Download final & official results of the 2013 PEC Election