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Beat the PeakThis summer members are helping PEC Beat the Peak by shifting energy use away from the peak use period between 2 and 6 p.m. The wholesale electricity PEC purchases to distribute to members during these times from June through September is nearly twice as expensive as that purchased during other times.

We encourage members to help during peak hours by:

  • Raising the thermostat in your home by 3 degrees.
  • Avoiding the use of major appliances.
  • Shifting your use of hot water to other times of the day.

Below are a few alternatives that demand less electricity to empower your afternoon activities.


This video produced by Touchstone Energy Cooperatives explains how ceiling fans help keep you cool even when you raise your thermostat a few degrees, and when to turn them off.

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Quick Tips

  • Use microwave for cooking when possible.
  • Ensure all new appliances purchased are ENERGY STAR approved.
  • Replace outdoor lighting with its outdoor-rated equivalent compact fluorescent or LED bulb.
  • Switch your refrigerator’s power-saver to “ON,” if available.


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