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PEC exists to serve its members. Sometimes that means answering questions prompted by CO-OP Conservation Blog posts. Below are some examples of those member questions and links to more information designed to help you use less electricity and spend less on your monthly bill.


How do I clean my dryer vent hose?


Energy Management Representative Brian Curtsinger said if your dryer vents directly through the wall, unplug the dryer and pull it away from the wall so you can disconnect the vent duct and use a vacuum cleaner to remove as much lint as possible from the duct and vent itself. If your dryer vents through the roof or attic, you might want to hire someone with the proper tools – an HVAC contractor or a professional chimney cleaner – to clean the duct.

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How long would you need to be away from home to save money by turning your hot water heater off?


Most electric water heaters have a one-hour recovery time, which means it would cost about 45 cents for a 4.5 Kw unit to heat water to the set temperature. Even if you're only going to be gone for a few days it's probably worth it to turn the water heater off to keep it from cycling on and off when no one is using hot water.

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I have to question unplugging unused refrigerators or freezers. Appliance repairmen have repeatedly told me that the Freon will settle after a week or so and will not recirculate when the appliance is plugged in again.


According to our Energy Management team, any unused refrigerator or freezer should be turned off or unplugged. It’s not necessary to run an appliance that isn't keeping food cool. As for the potential for damage, remember that stores don’t keep appliances plugged in while they are waiting to be sold, but they generally work fine once delivered and plugged in.

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I have some quick questions regarding window blinds in my home. Should I turn them up or down when I close them? Which way is more energy efficient?


Horizontal blinds should be closed with the edge away from the window turned up to reduce turbulence and prevent the air behind the blind from moving into the room as quickly. It also will create a barrier to block direct light from reaching indoor surfaces.

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