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Saving energy in summer

The Cooperative Research Network, the technology research arm of the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, recently compiled a list of the most common energy-saving tips for residential energy consumers. In general, those tips fell into three categories: keeping heat out of the home, minimizing heat generation within the home and optimizing use of the air conditioner.

Explore the sections below for tips to help you use less electricity and stay comfortable while waiting for fall to bring cooler temperatures to Central Texas.

  • Keep the heat out
  • Minimize heat generation
  • Optimize AC use and ventilation

Taken the tour yet?

Home energy saving suggestions from Touchstone

Developed as part of Touchstone Energy Cooperatives' Together We Save campaign, this interactive tool helps you find ways to save money in every room of your house ... and outside, too.

Click on the image above to get started.


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MyUse Energy Analyzer

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