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Cooperative Solar Rate

Solar within your reach

No matter where you live or what your energy needs, we’re committed to helping you power your life on your terms. If you’ve been considering installing solar panels, but you rent your home or live in an area with dense shade, we’ve got an option just for you.

We’re developing a series of distributed solar generation sites across our service territory with Renewable Energy Systems America, and our new Cooperative Solar Rate gives you the opportunity to subscribe to a portion of the energy from these facilities (up to 100 percent of your average 12-month energy use) for a 24-month period.

Cooperative Solar Rate applications open December 2017, with billing beginning Feb. 1, 2018.

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Cooperative Solar Rate at a glance

  • Availability is subject to total current solar output capacity.
  • Members sign-up will be available in December.
  • Rate is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Enrolled accounts subscribe to a share of the energy capacity.
  • Members may enroll up to 100 percent of average monthly electric use based on last 12 months’ billing.
  • Subscription requires a 24-month commitment period.
  • Rate is available for Residential and Farm/Ranch, Large Power and Small Power members. Water Well, Industrial and Power Plant Start Power members are not eligible to enroll in the rate, nor are Time-of-Use Rate subscribers or interconnected members.

Cooperative Solar Rate billing example

The example below compares monthly charges for 1,000 total kilowatt-hour (kWh) use when a member applies our Cooperative Solar Rate option.   The column on the right compares the impact on monthly charges if a member subscribed to 600 kWh under our Cooperative Solar Rate.
cooperative solar rate comparison
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Cooperative Solar FAQs

Who benefits from the Cooperative Solar Rate?

Why would I enroll in this rate instead of installing rooftop solar?

Is there a fee to apply?

How does this rate compare to the flat rate?

So, if I'm looking for the cheapest rate, I should enroll in Cooperative Solar?

Can I sign up to have part of my bill be on this rate and part on the flat rate?

Can my entire bill be on this rate?

What if I don’t have a 12-month billing history with PEC?

Can I be on this rate and still be on the eSaver or Renewable Energy Rider rates?

Is the energy I receive on this rate certified renewable?

Can I try out this rate for a while and switch back if I don’t like it?

Can I get out of the commitment period early?

What if I move out of the service area before my 24-month period ends? Do I have to pay the penalty?

If I’m a Cooperative Solar Rate subscriber and I move within the service territory during my commitment period, is there any sort of transfer fee? What happens to my units?

I really want to sign up, but there’s no availability — what do I do?

Why is availability so limited?


Energy News article

PEC announces construction of solar facilities

FEB. 27, 2017: Pedernales Electric Cooperative announced the City of Johnson City has agreed to lease city owned property for two one-megawatt solar facilities as part of a cooperative-wide solar power generation project.

Energy News article

PEC to bring solar generation to multiple sites across Hill Country

APRIL 25, 2016: When completed, up to 15 megawatts of solar power will be generated, allowing the Cooperative to produce power during peak times and offset high power market prices.