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HVAC Rebate Program

Are you considering replacing your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system? Pedernales Electric Cooperative offers rebate incentives to residential members for the installation of energy-efficient HVAC systems in existing single-family homes. To qualify for incentives, participants must meet all program eligibility criteria and satisfy all installation requirements.

PEC’s Residential HVAC Rebate Program is subject to change without prior notice and is only available while funds last. HVAC Rebate applications will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis. Installations completed within a given program year will only be eligible for that funded program year and cannot qualify for the preceding or subsequent year. For example: any installations completed during 2016 are not eligible for the funded 2017 program.

Funding update

All funds allocated for the 2017 HVAC Rebate Program have been distributed. Check this page for future funding updates.

  • Program Description
  • Program Purpose & Information
  • Program Eligibility Criteria
  • Installation Requirements
  • Participation Process
  • Required Documents

Rebate Levels

The current PEC residential central A/C and heat pump rebate levels are as follows (all-electric furnaces are not eligible):

SEER Minimum EER Central A/C with Gas Heat Pump
16.0 and above 12.5 $300 $350

The current PEC residential ground source heat pump rebate levels are as follows:

SEER Minimum EER Ground Source Heat Pump
17 and above 17 $300/ton
  • Dual-fuel heat pumps are paid at the heat pump rate
  • Mini-splits are paid at the central A/C rate for the replacement of a central A/C unit2

Applications received within a given calendar year and meeting that year’s Residential HVAC Rebate Program installation requirements will be paid under that calendar year’s rebate structure.

An eligible participant may apply to receive incentives for the replacement of multiple HVAC units at a single site. A residential site may not receive more than $2,500 in rebates within a single calendar year.

1 For HVAC contractors submitting rebate application on behalf of their client.
2 This does not apply to multiple mini-split units; rebate limited to one per site.


HVAC Rebate Program Manual

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Apply Online

Submit your rebate application online through the HVAC Rebate Portal

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Member Authorization Form

Members may authorize contractors to complete the rebate process on their behalf.

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