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PEC Job Culture

Throughout every level of Pedernales Electric Cooperative, we operate in service to our members. Whether answering member questions, managing information systems or maintaining and repairing lines in the field, we all work shoulder to shoulder toward one primary responsibility: to serve PEC members.

That shared dedication is apparent whenever you meet a PEC employee.

As a team, we celebrate each other’s achievements, honor each other’s hard work and grow and thrive together. We support our members beyond their electric needs, pitching in wherever and whenever possible to add to the wealth and health of our Hill Country communities, helping make it such a wonderful place for all of us to live.

“PEC’s expertise and commitment to excellence mean we can provide reliable electricity at a low cost without sacrificing safety and customer service. This is our top priority.”

— Amanda Hoefling, Human Resources Supervisor

“Most PEC employees are also PEC members, so you work together for the greater good of the community that you serve. People who work in the local area care about each other. And we don’t forget we work for our neighbors. When a PEC member contacts us, they talk to a person, not a computer.”

— Gerry Singleton, Construction Supervisor, Canyon Lake District


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