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Accepting Applications

To apply for open positions at PEC, begin by viewing a list of current job openings at PEC Jobs.

Primary Interview

Selected candidates will be invited to attend a group interview. Time constraints and volume of applicants often prevent us from meeting with applicants individually. Instead, we conduct group interviews for most positions. The group interview allows us the opportunity to meet with more applicants, and it creates an atmosphere for you to learn more about PEC. Candidates will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and answer a few basic questions.

Secondary Interview

A more traditional one-on-one interview is the next step in the hiring process. Selected candidates from the group interview will be scheduled to meet individually with the hiring manager. A decision is generally made following the second interview.

We’ll Notify You

We receive a large volume of applications for most job postings; therefore, we do not call each candidate at each step of the hiring process. However, once a selection is made, we will notify all interviewed candidates that the position has been filled.

We appreciate your interest in employment opportunities with PEC, and we look forward to learning more about you!


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