Annual Meeting

This year, the 2020 PEC Annual Meeting was closed to member and public attendance to meet safety and health concerns. The annual meeting was June 19, at 9 a.m. at PEC’s headquarters in Johnson City, and it was held immediately before the June board meeting. Watch the entire meeting here.

Winners of PEC’s 2020 Board of Directors Election results are posted here. Early voting incentive prize winners were individually notified and are posted below.

Members provided comments by completing and submitting a form by 8 a.m. on June 19. All comments were shared with PEC Board Directors and could be included in the meeting minutes. As always, members may access board meeting dates, agendas, and supporting materials online at

Early voting incentive prize winners

  • Lauren Grossman, Cedar Park
  • Bivian W Cox, Cedar Park
  • J L Bergeron, Cedar Park
  • Kenneth Smith, Austin
  • Cornelius Duarte, Leander
  • Clarence C Acacio, Austin
  • John M Grogan, Dripping Springs
  • Richard Biedler, Austin
  • Haiyan Liu, Cedar Park
  • Robert H Judd, Drippings Springs
  • Ian Cohen, Austin
  • Andrew Miller, Wimberley
  • Shannon Eckols, Driftwood
  • James Wright, Austin
  • Burnice Cowan, Kyle
  • Travis Turner, Cedar Park
  • Richard Stark, Dripping Springs
  • Leah Tremblay, Leander
  • Matthew D Evans, Leander
  • Sara Hamsa, Cedar Park
  • Lisa Wenske, Austin
  • David Williams, San Jose, CA
  • Derrick Steele, Austin
  • Gary Nesmith, Wimberley
  • Chris Millette, Austin
  • Ernest Lewis, Wimberley
  • Maricela Esmeralda, Austin
  • Luis M Zervigon, Cedar Park
  • Scott Bonniwell, Driftwood
  • Matthew Walker, Leander
  • Maylene Garcia, Cedar Park
  • Cynthia King, Leander
  • Brent Gibbs, Dripping Springs