Board of Directors

PEC’s democratically elected board of directors is responsible for setting policy for the largest distribution electric cooperative in the nation — one that employs more than 900 employees, covers 8,100 square miles and serves more than 390,000 meters.

Each year, eligible PEC members are invited to seek nomination for director positions up for election through the petition process established by PEC’s bylaws.

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Director Responsibilities

The PEC Board of Directors is responsible for establishing our overall goals and objectives, reviewing them on an ongoing basis and issuing policies to ensure their successful achievement. Areas of board responsibility include:

Mission & Purpose

The board regularly evaluates whether decisions and policies help the cooperative successfully further its commitment to serving our communities by providing excellent member services, and safe and reliable energy services at a competitive price.


The cooperative’s board of directors approves, and may amend, the PEC bylaws, business rules and tariff, which govern the cooperative’s dealings with members.

Legal & Ethical Accountability

PEC board members adopt and enforce policies, resolutions and actions governing ethical conduct, accountability and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Financial Oversight

The board of directors establishes financial targets and goals and approves the cooperative’s budget. Board members also review and approve significant investments, loans and acquisitions, and the rates and terms for providing electric service to members. The board is responsible for evaluating periodic financial statements, reports and information, and considering internal control procedures.

Operational Oversight

The board discharges its duty to manage the affairs of the cooperative by delegating day-to-day management responsibilities to a chief executive officer (CEO). The CEO is hired by and answers to the board. Board members consider and approve PEC business initiatives.