Nomination by Petition FAQs

Interested in serving your district as a PEC Board Director? Find the information you need in our frequently asked questions below.

If I receive service in multiple board districts, may I run for the board or serve as a board director for multiple districts?

No. According to our bylaws, a board director may only represent the district in which the board director maintains his or her primary residence.

May I collect signatures for my petition or advertise at PEC offices or facilities?

No. Members collecting signatures are asked to do so off of PEC property to minimize distractions to members, employees, and vendors conducting cooperative business. Candidates for board director positions are also prohibited from advertising or otherwise conducting campaign activities on PEC property except as allowed by PEC’s Election Policy.

May a business, municipality, or other legal entity that is a PEC member run for a position on the board?

No. The bylaws state that a board director must be a person who is at least 21 years of age and a U.S. citizen.

May a business, municipality, or other legal entity that is a PEC member sign a petition?

As long as the business or entity has a verifiable PEC billing address, an authorized representative for such entity may sign a petition.

If I’m seeking nomination, may I sign my own petition?


If a PEC member has multiple meters, does his or her signature on a petition count as multiple signatures?

No. At least 50 verifiable individual members must sign a petition.

If my PEC account is in my name only, may my spouse sign a petition as a member?


If my neighbors have a joint membership, may they each sign my petition separately?

No. Only one signature per membership will be counted on each petition.

Must every member who signs a petition receive PEC electric service in the district for which election is sought?

Yes. Members signing nomination petitions are required to have their designated voting residence in the director district in which election is being sought. The designated voting residence is the one associated with the member’s membership fee. Voting districts are printed on members’ monthly bills.

Can I obtain a list of members in my PEC board district?

Yes. Members seeking nomination may obtain a list of members within all PEC board districts by request using this link or by contacting the PEC Governance Team at 800-868-4791, ext. 4919, for more information.

Do I have to use PEC’s petition forms, or may I supply my own forms or résumé with the proper signatures and information?

To ensure the accuracy of all submitted information and fairness in the nomination process, you are required to use PEC’s petition forms.

How quickly will PEC verify the member signatures on my petition? If there’s a problem with my petition, will I have time to correct it?

PEC will begin the verification process as soon as possible after the petition is received. Therefore, nominees are encouraged to submit their completed petitions as early as possible so that candidates may be notified of any verification problems and, if time permits, have a chance to correct any problems with the petition prior to the petition submission deadline.

In advance of the deadline, the completed petition signature form can also be scanned and emailed to [email protected]. The email scan does not constitute original signatures; therefore, originals must still be mailed or hand delivered prior to PEC’s Headquarters in Johnson City to the Governance Team prior to the deadline. Refer to the PEC Bylaws and PEC Election Procedures for more information.

Do I have to complete all portions of the application and petition to be considered as a candidate?


Can I mail or deliver my petition to my local PEC office?

No. Our bylaws require all completed petitions be received by the Governance Team at PEC headquarters in Johnson City, not less than 75 days prior to the PEC Annual Meeting.

Can a member sign petitions for more than one nominee?

Yes, provided the nominees are in the member’s board district and the district in which the member’s voting residence is located.

Can I have more than 50 members sign my petition?

Yes. PEC encourages members to obtain more than 50 signatures to account for possible signature verification issues.

Are incumbents required to follow the petition process in order to appear on the ballot?


How do you get approved on the ballot?

Under the bylaws, a board-appointed qualifications committee must review all nomination petitions and board director qualifications and present qualified candidates to the PEC Board of Directors for inclusion on a ballot.

If I am approved for inclusion on the ballot as a qualified candidate by the PEC Board of Directors, am I able to use PEC’s logo in my campaign materials?

No. Pedernales Electric Cooperative reserves all rights to its registered trademarks and logos and does not allow candidates to use the trademarks or logos for campaign purposes.

If I am approved for inclusion on the ballot as a qualified candidate by the PEC Board of Directors, may I campaign at PEC offices or facilities?

No, not generally. PEC property may not be used for campaigning purposes, and campaign materials are not allowed on PEC facilities or vehicles except as allowed explicitly by PEC’s election policy. Qualified candidates typically address members and employees at one or more PEC-hosted events.

Other questions? Email the Governance Team at [email protected].