Voting Methods & Instructions

In 2023, voters in PEC’s districts 2 and 3 elected board directors in the annual election. As in previous years, a third-party administrator, Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS), handled the balloting process. The elected directors will serve a three-year term.

Voting ended June 9, 2023, at 5 p.m. By voting, members had the chance to win drawings for $400, $100, or $75 bill credits. Prize winners were announced at PEC’s Annual Meeting on June 16.

Learn more about our convenient voting options by clicking or tapping the icons below.

Vote through your PEC Smarthub account. Watch your email for election information.Vote using one of the stations set up in office lobbies.Watch your mailbox for election information.Vote by QR code icon


If you have a PEC SmartHub account:

  • You will log in to your account at
  • When voting is open, there will be a Vote Now button, which will direct you to the SBS secure web portal.
  • You will be able to cast your vote.

Don’t have a SmartHub account? Here’s how to register:

  • Visit
  • Below the login area, click on the “Sign up to access our Self Service site” link.
  • Fill out the registration fields to complete your registration, then follow the above instructions.

Online (SBS portal)

  • Watch your email for election information from SBS.
  • Click the link provided in SBS’s email to visit their web portal.
  • Log in using your account number and the access code from the email.

Online (PEC website)

  • Use this direct link to the SBS portal.
  • Log in using your account number and the access code provided by SBS in your email or on your paper ballot.

In a PEC Office

  • When voting is open, you may vote at a PEC Office.
  • Visit the Contact Us page to find your nearest office.

Mail-in Ballot

  • Watch your mailbox for election materials from SBS.
  • Mark your vote on the page provided.
  • Return the ballot to SBS in the provided postage-paid envelope. Please do not mail your ballot to PEC.
  • Mail-in ballots will not be accepted or valid on the day of the PEC Annual Meeting.

QR Code

  • Watch your mailbox for election materials from SBS.
  • Use your mobile device camera and scan the QR Code on your ballot. This will take you directly to your credentials page since this is your unique code.