Meet Your Board of Directors

As a member-owned cooperative, PEC is governed by the members and for the members. Meet our current board: the PEC members democratically elected to represent our seven districts. Click the biography link to learn more about each director.

PEC District 1 Director Milton Rister

Milton Rister
District 1 Director & Secretary-Treasurer
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PEC District 2 Director Emily Pataki

Emily Pataki
District 2 Director & Vice President
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PEC District 3 Director Randy Klaus

Randy R. Klaus
District 3 Director
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District 4 Director
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PEC District 5 Director James Oakley

James Oakley
District 5 Director
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PEC District 6 Director Paul Graf

Paul Graf
District 6 Director & President
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PEC District 7 Director Amy Lea SJ Akers

Amy Lea SJ Akers
District 7 Director
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