Strategic Plan

The purpose of our strategic plan is to establish the direction of the organization and create a foundational strategy that balances long-term objectives, operational priorities and financial discipline. The four-year strategic plan outlines the cooperative’s mission, vision, values, strategic destination, strategic map, and key strategic initiatives.

Mission Statement

We are committed to delivering safe, reliable, and low-cost energy solutions for the benefit of our members.

Vision Statement

PEC is recognized as a high performance organization, providing exceptional value to our members and communities through safe, reliable, and innovative service.

Values Statement

Our values serve as the organizational foundation that guides our decisions and direction. Our core values are Safety, Accountability, Integrity, Service, Engagement, and Innovation.

Strategic Destination

Over the next four years, PEC will be recognized as an industry leader by earning high member satisfaction.

Strategic Themes & Initiatives

PEC’s core business will always be our priority. We must provide excellent quality in power, keep rates low, and meet member needs through exceptional service. The strategic initiatives build on these core business areas and increase member value while concurrently advancing the cooperative as an industry leader.

Optimized Operations & Grid Modernization

Initiative 1: Technology Planning
Develop a technology plan that outlines the cooperative’s existing technologies and integrates emerging technologies to streamline system planning and coincide with PEC’s energy/power planning.

Initiative 2: Demand-Side Management
Develop demand-side management programs, allowing for energy efficiency and conservation measures that provide savings to the cooperative.

Initiative 3: Power Supply Planning & Diversity
Expand the energy management program to show long-term planning in power supply that includes options for pursuing cost-beneficial renewable energy.

Initiative 4: Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
Pursue DER opportunities that align with the technology plan developed, and provide system benefits that are cost-beneficial and yield member-centric solutions.

Initiative 5: Enhanced System Planning
Develop enhanced system planning that provides a long-term outlook and considers continued cooperative growth.

Initiative 6: Process Excellence (Business Planning)
Develop an enterprise-wide business process improvement function to increase productivity and reduce costs, encompassed by a risk-management framework.

Member Engagement & Strategic Load Growth Planning

Initiative 7: Member Engagement Opportunities
Develop and execute a plan that shows how the cooperative will engage with the members and emphasizes opportunities to learn about their needs and satisfaction level. The cooperative will additionally provide programs that help members achieve their energy goals.

Initiative 8: Commercial & Industrial Member Initiatives
Develop programs that interact with and help meet the needs of commercial and industrial members.

Initiative 9: Strategic Energy Sales
Pursue cooperative strategic energy sales that help increase PEC’s load factor, thereby maximizing the potential of cooperative assets.

Service Innovation

Initiative 10: Broadband Opportunities
Conduct a feasibility study to assess the opportunity that could exist in a fiber and/or wireless network (broadband) throughout the service territory that enables a smart grid and could provide affordable data access services to the members.

Initiative 11: Revenue Generating Services
Pursue revenue generating services that enhance PEC’s operations and capabilities by leveraging its resources and reducing costs.

Corporate Citizenship

Initiative 12: Facilities Management & Planning
Develop and execute a facilities plan that will meet the future needs of the cooperative.

Initiative 13: Workforce Planning
Develop a strategic workforce plan that ensures PEC can attract, retain and develop employees with skills and competencies that achieve PEC’s goals.

Initiative 14: Emergency & Catastrophic Planning
Develop/update a robust emergency and catastrophic plan that encompasses areas beyond grid infrastructure and simultaneously incorporates areas that impact exceptional services to the members.

Initiative 15: Community Involvement
Develop and execute a community engagement and corporate presence plan that provides value to the members.