Strategic Plan

The purpose of our strategic plan is to establish the direction of the organization and create a foundational strategy that balances long-term objectives, operational priorities and financial discipline. The five-year strategic plan outlines the cooperative’s mission, vision, values, and  the board of directors’ goals and how the cooperative will achieve them.

Mission Statement

We are committed to delivering low-cost, reliable, and safe energy for our members.

Vision Statement

PEC is recognized as a high-performance organization, providing exceptional customer service and value to our members and communities.

Values Statement

Our values serve as the organizational foundation that guides our decisions and direction. Our core values are Integrity, Safety, Service, and Accountability.

Strategic Goals

PEC’s core business will always be our priority. We must provide excellent quality and reliability in power, keep rates stable, and meet member needs through exceptional service. The goals outlined below build on these core business areas and increase member value while concurrently advancing the cooperative as an industry leader.

Maximize Value to Our Membership

Objective 1 – Member Engagement
Develop a three-year member engagement campaign by 2022 to promote the benefits of cooperative membership.

Objective 2 – Community Partnerships
Establish a plan by 2022 to foster healthy and communicative relationships with state and local officials and authorities to benefit our membership.

Objective 3 – Customer Service
Establish member engagement and satisfaction programs by 2022 to maintain or surpass the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) benchmark.

Achieve Operational Excellence

Objective 1 – System Maintenance
Establish a systematic and responsive system maintenance program targeting the 35 feeders with the highest SAIDI to improve reliability and lower SAIDI by 2025.

Objective 2 – SCADA, Control Centers & Related Technology Systems
Design and construct operational control centers by 2025 that meet applicable federal and state standards for system stability, and improved operations.

Objective 3 – Engineering Design Standards
Complete a detailed Engineering Standards guide by 2023 for all training, planning, and purchasing purposes across all districts.

Objective 4 – Develop Facilities and Real Estate Plan
Create a data-driven framework for the acquisition and disposition of real estate for facilities and system expansion by 2021.

Protect the Financial Health of the Cooperative

Objective 1 – Financial Management
Develop processes by 2022 to increase individual employee awareness of and participation in the Cooperative’s financial health.

Objective 2 – Rate Stability
Implement debt and capital restructuring best practices for rate stability, including the defeasance of 2002 bonds and the implementation of a commercial paper program, by 2022.

Objective 3 – Capital Spending
Create and fully implement a capital allocation model to support long-term capital spending by 2022.

Pursue Workforce Optimization

Objective 1 – Technical Training
Train 80% of employees requiring technical or electrical skills utilizing the new PEC training facility by 2024.

Objective 2 – Workforce Development
Attract, retain, and develop our workforce by increasing employee skills, training, and external recruitment outreach by 20% each by 2023.

Advance Tactical Safety and Security

Objective 1 – Safety and Security Culture
Develop a plan to promote a shared culture of safety, security, and privacy across the cooperative with full compliance by 2024.

Objective 2 – Cyber Security
Enhance systems and practices through 2025 to prevent and mitigate a cyber-incident to ensure business continuity.

Objective 3 – Work Environments
Improve the security of our work environments through completing the implementation of the Security Vulnerability Master Plan by 2024.