How to stay cool when your power is out

Use these tips to be ready for summer outages

PEC’s mission is to provide you with safe, reliable energy through all weather elements, but outages may occur even on sunny days. If you experience a power outage during hot days, these tips may help you stay cool.


  • Wear loose and lightweight clothes.
  • The lowest level of your home is the coolest. Stay down there.
  • Open windows for natural ventilation and use battery-powered fans.
  • Close drapes and shades to keep the sun from heating the inside of your home.
  • Keep refrigerator doors and freezers closed to help keep your food fresh.
  • Choose no-cook meals like sandwiches, wraps, and salads. Chips, yogurt, nuts, fruits, and vegetables can make great sides.
  • If you must cook, use your grill or other methods that don’t heat up your home to do so.
  • Stay hydrated to help prevent heat-related illnesses. Keep a close eye on family and neighbors to make sure they’re not overheated, too.


Learn more about peak heat days and how you can shift energy use to save more during the summertime here.

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