Statement made by Don Richards, special counsel to the committee and board, at Dec. 8, 2016, PEC Complaint Committee Meeting

“After media and social media statements I would like to clear up any expectations or misperceptions regarding the procedure the cooperative is undertaking. The focus right now is what is in the best interest of the cooperative. This is not a civil or criminal matter. The committee has been doing research and addressing the corporate issues raised.

“The cooperative has legal right under state law to address the issues, but must do so according to the bylaws. The committee does its work and reports its findings to the board. The board will make the final decision on this matter. The board can agree, disagree or amend the committee’s recommendation.

“The bylaws state 30 days notice must be provided before the most severe discipline (removal) could be enacted. The committee will issue its report. The report will go into an upcoming board packet. It will be released to the public when that board packet is made public. This is the procedure the committee is following.”