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Phone scam targets PEC members

PEC will never call to demand payment

PEC members have been targeted by telephone in a scam in which a person posing as a cooperative employee threatened to disconnect service if an immediate payment is not made.

Member services agents report the scam appears to target business owners, but all PEC members need to be wary when contacted by someone claiming to represent the cooperative.

PEC uses an automated system to make recorded courtesy calls to members regarding their accounts. If you are contacted by someone claiming to be a PEC employee, verify the call by contacting PEC toll-free at 888-554-4732, the phone number printed on your bill. Representatives are available Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m.

We’ve been alerted to some of the following tactics used by scammers contacting members:

  • The member gets a call from a California number.
  • The caller tells the member they are calling for PEC and the member was mailed a letter about problems with their account and now must pay to avoid disconnection.
  • The caller tells the member to go to Office Max, get a RELOADIT card and call back to pay past due amounts.
  • The caller instructs members not to call any other PEC number to make the payment.
  • If the scammer doesn’t hear back from the member, the member receives a call from a different individual saying they are the technician coming out to disconnect the meter.

Please remember, PEC does not call demanding payment. If a call sounds suspicious, hang up and call us toll-free at 888-554-4732 to speak directly with a PEC representative.

Anyone who has information about this scam or thinks they have been a victim should contact their local law enforcement agency or the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division.

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