PEC’s 2017 interns

What they've learned from us this summer

For the third consecutive year, we selected interns for a 10- to 12-week paid summer internship in a variety of our cooperative’s departments. PEC interns get hands-on experience: They work on real projects under the guidance of experienced employees, and are able to network with their talented co-workers.

Six young, bright Texas college students were welcomed into our organization, and ready to learn while happily serving our members. Here’s what they (and some of their PEC supervisors) had to say about their experience.

Boy internMuneeb Agha from University of Texas, Energy Services, Renewable & Distributed Energy

“I have learned a great deal about the utilities industry so far, and I am really glad to have learned it from a renowned cooperative like PEC. With solar energy becoming a huge part of powering the world, my hands-on experience with PEC’s solar energy and interconnection projects is incredibly valuable to my career.”

Girl internJessica Bascom from Texas A&M University, Energy Services & Energy Regulatory Affairs

“I have learned to listen to and value every opinion within a company in order to make it run as smooth as possible. The kindness I have received has made such a difference in my experience. Every employee and member matters.”

Boy internRobert Lee from Texas State University, Engineering Services & Substation Design

“The layman takes the convenience of electrical utility for granted. The amount of effort and manpower to accomplish such expansive projects was truly eye-opening during my internship. Considering the cooperative is member-owned, it’s inspiring to see the care taken to ensure the best possible outcome for the member, the cooperative and the community.”

Girl internShelby Mueller from Texas State University, Strategic Relationships & Business Growth

“My favorite part of the internship was the key account client visits, and [it] was nice to get out of the office and meet the [members] we serve. One of our clients, Huber Carbonates, gave me a tour of the site, which was a very cool experience. Interning for PEC has been a great experience that I am very grateful to have.”

Boy internScott Tobin from Texas State University, Information Technology & System Operations

“What I’ve learned from this internship is that I am convinced that networking is definitely the field I want to pursue. This company is more like a family than other IT jobs I have worked in. So moving forward, I want to find a place with a similar family mentality.”

Boy internGarrett Warmke from Texas State University, Distribution Design & Field Engineering

“One of the most memorable weeks I’ve had here at PEC was the chance to go on a circuit tour. My favorite stop on the tour was meeting members from the maintenance crew. They brought out one of the drones they use to inspect poles, showed us how to look for hot spots on poles and in substations. My experience here made me realize that I could see myself in this industry.”