You’re changing our community with PEC Power of Change!

How 3 local nonprofits used their grants to improve their organizations

When you round up your electric bill to the nearest dollar for our Power of Change program, you do more than donate a few nickels and dimes: You make a real difference in our community.

With PEC’s support, you help organizations like these by turning your spare change into change for the better. Now that’s real power!

Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue in Wimberley

Installed 16 new windows at their facility.

A safe haven for local abandoned, neglected, surrendered and unclaimed dogs and puppies, the Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue (WAG Rescue) provides care for nearly 40 dogs on six Hill Country acres.

Most of the organization’s kennels are outside, but some dogs with special needs must be kept indoors with round-the-clock care. WAG Rescue’s indoor space, a cabin, was poorly insulated and hardly functional for its residents and staff. That’s why WAG Executive Director & Co-founder Pat Davis was “so grateful” that WAG Rescue received a PEC Community Grant. With it, they installed 16 new, energy-efficient windows in the cabin.

“There has been a vast improvement since we have gotten [the windows],” Davis said. “It was almost unbearable for our caretaker to be comfortable in her room upstairs, and now the windows have allowed us to utilize the indoors more for our organization. Man, what a gift it’s been to us.”

Blanco County Little League in Blanco

Installed wheelchair-accessible walkways along the baseball field.

There’s nothing like taking your family out to the ballgame, and that’s evident during the Blanco County Little League season, Blanco County Little League Grant Coordinator Travis Davis said. So those with disabilities could more easily join the cheering section, the league used their PEC grant to pave concrete accessibility walkways and sidewalks along the baseball field.

“A lot of parents and grandparents are pleased to come up and watch their kids and grandkids safely during the games now,” Davis said. “This grant money has been important for organizations like ours because we need them to survive and make improvements to our organization. We owe a big thanks to PEC.”

Hill Country Senior Citizens Activity Center in Dripping Springs

Purchased new computers, webcam equipment and a credit card machine for the center and thrift store.

When Hill Country Senior Citizens Activity Center Director Karyn Rogers heard the center would receive a PEC Community Grant, she was ecstatic. The senior center’s computers didn’t have accounting software, so the books were kept on paper, and the thrift store next door, which mostly funds the center, had a credit card machine that was difficult for volunteer senior employees working at the checkout counter. Rogers knew the grant would be a game-changer.

Now, Rogers and the center’s accountant have two new computers, four monitors and software to help track the organization’s expenses and schedule activities for the seniors. A new webcam also allows seniors to watch recorded speakers on Rogers’ and the accountant’s old computers. And the thrift store’s new credit card machine now allows customers to shop with ease.

“The PEC grant made a huge difference here,” Rogers said. “It’s really allowed us to progress as an organization overall and expand our services to seniors, including teaching our seniors how to use technology. This opportunity to improve our center has been invaluable.”

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