Powering area businesses: Key Accounts Coordinator Matt Gonzalez

A day in the life of Matt

It doesn’t take PEC Key Accounts Coordinator Matt Gonzalez more than a second to identify his favorite part of his job.

“It’s the people,” he said. “I love being out and about. Every time I meet with a new business member, they’re bringing me something new.”

Gonzalez, a 10-year PEC veteran, is part of our Key Account Management & Business Growth team, which fosters and cultivates relationships with PEC’s commercial members. The three-person team acts as, in Gonzalez’s words, “the first line of defense” for more than 100 area businesses, ranging from large-load, high-revenue users to emerging businesses.

Gonzalez divides his time between visiting with commercial members and preparing for visits in-office. Each business’ energy needs vary — a power blink may be a minor inconvenience at a coffee shop but a minor catastrophe at a cybersecurity firm. Through these meetings, Gonzalez and his team are able to learn each business’ needs, address their concerns, inform them about options like rebates and rate options and provide a clear line of communication with PEC.

“We act as contacts and community partners,” Gonzalez explained. “If we can help a business save money by helping them with a rebate, that’s going to be beneficial for them in the long run.”

Concern for community is woven into the fabric of PEC as a matter of principle. Like our four-woman Connections & Community Engagement team, the work that Gonzalez does with Key Account Management & Business Growth stretches beyond keeping the lights on: It supports businesses in our community.

“We help businesses find ways to either save money, utilizing tools like our commercial rebate program or to use power more efficiently like promoting the new commercial time-of-use rates. For some, it’s just about having that really close-knit relationship with the electric company. That way, if there is a power quality issue and they can identify a pattern, it helps us troubleshoot on our end and helps minimize product loss on their end.”

A self-described extravert, Gonzalez thrives on the challenge: He loves meeting with businesses and learning how to connect them with the people and resources that will help them flourish.

“We keep our finger on the pulse of the business community,” he said. A pulse that, with his help, will continue beating strong.