Energy Savings

PEC gift guide for a brighter holiday season

Give the gift of savings this year

Light up the lives of those closest to you and electrify the holidays with these energy-efficient gifts!

Items laid out in the shape of a Christmas tree.For the mindful spender

Smart thermostat

Give the gift of savings with the convenience of a smart thermostat. Your loved one will be able to create heating/cooling schedules, monitor their energy consumption and use Wi-Fi to control their thermostat from their phone, computer or tablet. In addition, these devices actively work to help reduce electric bills by making subtle changes to temperature settings and taking note of times when no one’s home.

For someone who’s always connected

Hand-cranked phone charger

Who couldn’t use an alternative charging device in case of an emergency? When a phone is connected to a hand-cranked charger by its USB charging cable, your loved ones can crank the device and watch their phone’s battery level rise. It’s a great addition to a household or vehicle emergency kit!

For the family chef

Pressure cooker

When the holidays roll around, so do the heaping piles of food. A pressure cooker will save your favorite cook time and money by reducing the amount of cooking time and thereby the amount of energy consumed in the kitchen.

For the person who’s always cold

Microfleece blanket

Instead of cranking up the heat in your home for the family member who’s always cold, invest in a soft microfleece blanket. It will keep them warm and cozy in every room of your home while you save on your electric bill this winter.

For the bookworm

Reading light

Some people love getting lost in a book late into the night. Help your favorite nighttime reader save on their electric bill by gifting them a battery-powered reading light. Their bedmate might just thank you, too.

For the person who enjoys long showers

Handheld showerhead

Everyone loves a nice, long, warm shower, but did you know that using a handheld showerhead can help your loved one use 20 to 40 percent less water? This means they could save big on water heating expenses, too.

For the techie

Solar backpack

These backpacks are one of the most energy-efficient accessories of the season! With a solar backpack or bag, your loved one will be able to power their smartphone, tablet, laptop and more on the go. This gift is great for travelers or outdoorsy family and friends who may not always find themselves within easy reach of a power outlet.

For the home decorator

Designer lightbulb

It may come as a surprise that not all lightbulbs have that signature pear shape. Starting as little as $30 a bulb, designer lightbulbs in fun designs can spruce up a living space, and most of them are also energy efficient, too. Help your friends channel their inner interior designer and energize their home in style!

For the person with tons of devices

Smart power strip

Did you know that regular power strips can draw power from the outlet even when the devices plugged into them are turned off? Consider getting your friends and family a smart power strip, which prevents the energy draw and can therefore reduce electric bills.

For the kids

Solar-powered toy

Energy can be kid-friendly, too, and solar-powered toys like robots and figurines are a fun way to get the next generation energized during playtime! Batteries not included? No problem!