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Our Member Services team achieves high satisfaction scores

For PEC Member Services Agent Patricia Gumm, service isn’t just about meeting people’s needs. It’s also about making them feel cared for.

“I get to really take care of members and whatever’s going on with their accounts,” Gumm said. “PEC gives us the freedom to make the member important and try to meet their needs.”

Gumm is just one of 71 agents who serve as the front line for member interaction in our offices, on the phones and in the field. In keeping with our goal of being an industry leader in customer satisfaction by 2020, the Member Services department strives at every level to improve members’ experience interacting with the cooperative.

“Whether in the offices, on the phones or in the field, our Member Services staff strives every day to improve our performance,” PEC Vice President of Member Services Eddie Dauterive said. “When our members are cared for, it makes the cooperative that they own even stronger.”

Below, take a sneak peek at just four of the metrics the Member Services team monitors. Even as they consistently achieve high scores in each, they know there’s always room to improve when it comes to building a positive member experience.

Service level

What it is: The percentage of calls answered in less than 20 seconds
How we score: 85 percent
The takeaway: 85 percent of callers to PEC speak to a live representative in less than 20 seconds.

We monitor this metric continuously throughout the day to identify how quickly our staff is responding to our membership. During busy periods and special events, our Member Services agents put aside other functions to prioritize incoming calls. We regularly surpass the 80 percent industry-wide benchmark goal in this area and are proud of our efforts to give our members the attention they deserve.

Customer satisfaction

What it is: The pinnacle metric, encompassing individual and department-wide performance metrics
How we score: Platinum level

We use a variety of third-party survey options to capture critical member feedback and compile our customer satisfaction score. We value your voice and use your responses to continuously improve our practices as we work toward our cooperative-wide goal of being an industry leader in customer satisfaction.

Rate option enrollments

What it is: The percentage of member accounts enrolled in money-saving billing options like paperless billing, bank draft auto pay, time-of-use rates or interconnect billing
How we score: 33 percent of accounts are currently enrolled in one of these options.

When you manage your energy use, receive paperless billing or utilize bank-draft automatic payments, not only do you save money, but you help save the cooperative transactional and postage costs as well. Our staff works hard to spread awareness and raise adoption of these savings opportunities, with a long-term goal to raise participation to 50 percent.

Measuring bad debt

What it is: The ratio of uncollectible billing amounts as a percentage of operating revenue
How we score: 0.05 percent — an exceptional ratio compared to other utilities across the state and the nation.

Bad debt is a total of billing amounts that have not been received by PEC. When members fail to pay for their electric service, these amounts negatively impact our financial statements — which ultimately affects all of our members, who are owners of the cooperative. To maintain our strong score, our Member Services staff works very hard to preemptively identify and resolve any account issues. We also have automated options in place to quickly alert members about billing dates.

If you are ever in need of special arrangements for your account, please reach out to our Member Services department (888-554-4732) as soon as possible for assistance.