October is National Cooperative Month

For members, by members

Since our founding in 1938, PEC has been proud to be a cooperative for the members and by the members. Everything we do, from powering the Hill Country’s major employers to lighting our members’ kitchen tables, is rooted in the cooperative principles that make us who we are.

A graphic showing the cooperative principles.

Autonomy and independence

Cooperatives are independent and autonomous: We’re the original self-helpers.

Concern for Community

Member needs and community development are the heart of everything we do.

Cooperation among cooperatives

We work together to improve service for our members and embody the cooperative spirit.

Democratic member control

We are democratically controlled by our members.

Education, training and information

We never stop learning and growing: members, representatives and employees alike.

Members’ economic participation

Our members contribute equitably to and democratically control PEC’s capital.

Voluntary and open membership

We are open to everyone who would like to use our service.