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Reliability and value 365

Even on the best days, we're preparing for the worst

At PEC, we don’t save work for a rainy day; we constantly inspect and improve our equipment, and we make sure we’re always ready to roll if a fuse blows or a storm blows in.

These are just a few of our year-round programs that save us – and, more importantly, you – money and outage time.

Tree trimming

Trees contacting power lines can cause fires, outages and worse. Our Vegetation Maintenance team trims trees on a three- to five-year rotation to keep the lights on and our members safe.

Pole inspection

Through our Pole Test and Treat program, we inspect and treat 53,000 of our 391,000 electric poles each year, preventing service interruptions and saving money by extending pole life.

Voltage regulator maintenance

Voltage regulators run 24 hours a day to send the correct voltage out on our lines. We monitor their condition using dissolved gas analysis, which allows us to identify and fix issues before they can cause outages.

High-tech tools

Whether we’re using infrared scanners to identify problematic hot spots at substations or ultrasonic ears to track down arcing transmission equipment, we’re investing in technology that serves you.

Substation maintenance

We inspect, service and upgrade our substations year-round to better serve our growing community. Whether making a routine check or installing a new transformer, our engineers always have your energy needs in mind.

Eye in the sky

Our unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) take boots off the ground by putting an eye in the sky. Flown by our licensed pilots, our UAVs help us perform line surveys efficiently and without coming onto your property.


Our Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition center is manned 24/7/365 with operators who monitor every line and breaker in our system for power fluctuations and take action to prevent issues.