PEC employee supports Liberty Hill’s growth

Troy Whitehead works for his community on and off the clock

On Jan. 5, PEC Construction Service Manager and City of Liberty Hill Councilman Troy Whitehead stood proudly with other city officials as they cut a large red ribbon with a pair of oversized scissors, opening the city’s new administration building for the first time.

In addition to managing all our line extension work in the Liberty Hill area, Whitehead has long served the Hill Country community in his off hours, from coaching local sports to volunteering at area service events. When the community came calling two years ago, asking him to fill a vacant council member position, he accepted.

“I have really enjoyed doing this, and it’s an especially exciting time to be a part of the climate here in Liberty Hill right now,” Whitehead said.

Growth: That’s the best word to describe the climate in Liberty Hill today, he said. Like much of the Hill Country, the area has had an influx of newcomers, and Whitehead is committed to helping the city manage that growth. Between overseeing sidewalk construction and road, water and sewer projects, development planning is one of the biggest focuses of the Liberty Hill City Council right now as they work to attract more businesses and a larger commercial presence in Liberty Hill.

“It’s really starting to come together,” Whitehead said. “The new city building was a big step in our master plan, and I think you are going to start to see us solidify our downtown area as time goes on. Our goal is to make that a destination in the Hill Country.”

Ribbon-cutting ceremony.
Whitehead (immediately left of the scissors), with other City of Liberty Hill council members and officials, attended a Jan. 5 ribbon cutting ceremony for the new City of Liberty Hill administration building.

More than anything, Whitehead’s favorite part about serving on the council is learning the core values of city government and how to manage city development with an understanding of what’s best for the community. He’s found that his professional experience complements this work.

“Since we are experiencing so much growth at PEC as well, I think I’m able to give some good insight and advice to my fellow council members,” Whitehead said. “I’m grateful to be an inside resource for them, especially with the development from start to finish of the new subdivisions in town.”

There is a vision for this city, and Whitehead has no doubt its residents and council members are united in one purpose: making Liberty Hill the best it’s ever been.

“We have so many advantages, being that we are a country setting but still have the luxury of being close to the city,” Whitehead said. “It’s only a matter of time before more people start to realize that this is a place you can call home.”

Liberty Hill will remain home for Whitehead, and he’s optimistic about what the city’s new administration building represents. Change isn’t always easy, but Whitehead knows that thoughtful planning will help our regional growth build stronger communities. And that’s something he can get behind, both in his job at PEC and after hours.