Energy Savings

Winter is here

Brace yourself for higher energy use

Did you enjoy a lower than average energy bill from us this December? You aren’t alone. Last month, capital credits distributions appeared as credits on members’ bills. Additionally, the Revenue Adjustment Factor, a per-kilowatt-hour credit, further reduced December bills for the second year in a row.

These credits, combined with mild November temperatures, generated December bills that may have seemed like an early gift from Santa.

But don’t get too comfortable: January bills, by contrast, reflect your usage for December — a month when the Hill Country starts seeing chilly days and overnight lows that can dip into the 20s.

When cold temperatures roll in, folks reach for the thermostat. But as you turn up the heat, expect to see an uptick in your energy use. And without those December credits, the January bill can come as a surprise.

Here’s how to not get shocked by winter energy bills:

  • Understand your use
    Take control with My Usage, the energy use analysis tool in SmartHub. Knowing your energy usage over time will allow you to see if you’re using more energy than usual and make necessary changes.
  • Understand your bill
    Each month’s bill reflects your usage during the month prior. Was it very hot? Very cold? Consider how much power you used over the past month.
  • Be smart with that thermostat
    Heating a home can cost two or three times as much as cooling it. We recommend setting your thermostat at 68 degrees or lower during the heating season.
  • Make sure appliances are working properly and are up to date
    A faulty heat pump can cause excessive energy use, and you may not even know it until you get your bill.
  • Look for energy-saving tips and resources
    See our tips on getting winter-ready.
  • Ask for help
    Feeling stuck? We offer a variety of payment plans to fit your needs. Call Member Services at 888-554-4732 and speak with a representative to learn more.