Energy Savings

10 tips for winter weather savings

Stop falling temperatures from driving up your electric bill

Central Texas is known for its hot summers, but did you know the average Hill Country household actually uses more energy in the winter? Nighttime lows often drop well below freezing, and holiday cooking, decorating, and guests can cause electric use to spike.

As the temperature starts to fall, here are some ways to keep your bill from climbing too high.

  1. Caulk around all gaps, holes, and stationary components inside and out, including telephone, electrical, cable, gas, water spigots, and more.
  2. Check your HVAC air filters monthly, and replace them when needed.
  3. Heating your home can cost 2–3 times as much as cooling it. Set thermostats to 68 degrees.
  4. Bump the thermostat 7–10 degrees lower when you’re sleeping or away from home for long periods of time.
  5. With heat pumps, increase temperatures only 2 degrees at a time to avoid shifting into a more expensive heating mode.
  6. Keep all supply vents and interior doors open to ensure maximum airflow throughout the house.
  7. Use electric space heaters in cooler rooms or if you’re only occupying a small area of your home. Turn space heaters off when leaving the room.
  8. Open drapes and shades on sunny days.
  9. Keep the fireplace damper closed when the fireplace is not in use.
  10. Keep your garage door closed.