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A place like no other

Experience the wild wonders of our special region

Nestled on the geographically unique Edwards Plateau, the Texas Hill Country contains rare and beautiful species of wildlife found nowhere else in the world. Meet just a few of the plants and animals that, like us, call Central Texas home.

Indian blanket

Mexican hat flower illustration
Also called firewheels, these wildflowers blanket the fields of Central Texas, resembling brightly woven yellow and red fabric.

Golden-cheeked warbler

Golden cheek warbler illustration
This rare bird nests only in the juniper-oak woodlands of Central Texas. The species is threatened by habitat loss and by cowbirds, a species known to lay their eggs in other birds’ nests.

Texas redbud

Texas redbud tree illustration
The Hill Country blushes pink with this beautiful native tree each spring.

Texas mountain laurel

Mountain laurel illustration
Smell grape soda? Chances are, this glossy, evergreen shrub isn’t far away. The purple and white springtime blooms of the Texas mountain laurel give off a unique odor.

Mexican free-tailed bat

Mexican freetail bat illustration
Say hello to Texas’ state flying mammal! About 1.5 million of these critters have formed a colony under the Congress Avenue bridge in Austin, and they delight visitors when they come out to feed at dusk.

Texas madrone

Madrone tree illustration
This rare beauty is famous for its bright red berries and papery, peeling bark. When the outer bark peels away, it reveals a smooth trunk beneath, giving the tree its local nickname, “Lady’s Leg.”

Wild turkey

Wild turkey illustration
Wild turkeys have exceptionally keen vision and hearing. They can pinpoint noises from more than a mile away!

Guadalupe bass

Guadalupe bass illustration
The Guadalupe bass is the Texas state fish and can’t be found anywhere else on Earth.

Illustrations by PEC’s Senior Graphics Designer D’Ann Ross.