Energy Savings

Fall into savings by calculating your base energy load

Spending a little time now can help you save later

As fall settles in and temperatures become milder, you might not be using your HVAC system, for at least a short while. That perfect weather marks the perfect time to calculate your base energy load.

SmartHub app
The SmartHub mobile app is available for download in the App Store or on Google Play.

Base energy load is the minimum, regular amount of electricity used at a location throughout the year — usually your energy use without heating or cooling. PEC Senior Energy Service Advisor Brian Curtsinger recommended knowing where you stand.

“Understanding your base allows you to better manage your energy use during the rest of the year,” Curtsinger said. “Once you know what your bottom line is, you know how much you can save.”

Curtsinger suggested tracking your base energy load over a period of time when you’re not running your HVAC system. By logging into SmartHub and using the Usage Explorer or Usage Comparison tools, you can view your daily use and, with the Planning tool, set an energy marker to help you determine how much more you’re using once the heating season starts. Repeat this process in the spring to determine how much cooling is costing you.

“It takes a little time,” Curtsinger said, “but the information is invaluable. Once you know exactly what your heating and cooling costs are, you can adjust your thermostat until your electric bills fit your budget.”