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Canyon Lake lineworkers assist in wildlife rescue

A bird, a bucket and a cheering crowd in Comal Park

At PEC, we live by the principle of “concern for community,” and that includes all community members, big and small. When a wildlife rescue group in our Canyon Lake district was unable to safely recover a buzzard trapped in Comal Park, our lineworkers came to the rescue.

“Our office got a call from Kendalia Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation,” PEC Regional Operations Supervisor Adolfo Gutierrez said. “They needed help rescuing a buzzard that was stuck hanging upside-down from a dead tree. They’d tried asking the fire department, everybody, and couldn’t find anybody who could help.”

PEC responded to the call.

The buzzard had become tangled in fishing line and was trapped in a branch high in the tree. As about 30 campers and park-goers looked on, Gutierrez and PEC lineworkers Nick Morris, Wesley Gilbert and Tim Johnson arrived onsite in two bucket trucks. Morris went up in the smaller bucket. He carefully wrapped the bird in an old raincoat to calm it, then cut the fishing line and brought the bird down from the tree.

“Everybody cheered when he came down,” Gutierrez said. “I’m not sure if it was for us or the buzzard! I’m still figuring that one out.”

The buzzard, which was relatively unharmed, is currently resting safely with the Kendalia Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation group. We’re PEC Proud of our crews for their rescue!