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Treehouse getaways, zip line tours rooted in one-of-a-kind Hill Country spot

PEC member's business provides adventure, relaxation in nature

A travel trailer and a portable generator.

That’s all PEC member David Beilharz and his family had when they moved to an undeveloped lot in Spicewood. With a passion for conservation and maintaining the land’s original beauty, Beilharz was searching for a business venture that would complement his values. Little did he know, it would take a trip to Central America to find the answer.

“I discovered a canopy tour when I went on a sailing trip to Costa Rica,” Beilharz said. “I had an incredible experience with nature there, and I decided that would be a great business back at home.”

In 2005, Cypress Valley Canopy Tours opened for business as the first zip line canopy tour in the continental United States, including five zip lines, two sky bridges and a rappel in the midst of cypress trees up to 100 feet tall. Awed by their surroundings, zip line participants frequently mentioned to Beilharz that they wished they could stay overnight. This spurred the idea of creating a getaway in tune with nature, and treehouses were the perfect fit. Before long, he had four of these Hill Country gems available for rent.

The nest treehouse
The Nest can sleep up to six people, and this is just one of the two bedrooms in the treehouse, which also includes a lounge and a dining room nestled above a creek.

“I had three things in mind when building [the treehouses],” Beilharz explained, “First, I wanted [them] to be harmonious with nature. Second, I wanted them to be awe-inspiring structures. And lastly, I wanted [them] to be purposeful. It’s not just a box in a tree; it’s a piece of art shaping lasting memories.”

Still committed to conservation, Beilharz’s business relies heavily on his solar generation equipment, which is interconnected with the PEC system, and he maintains an organic farm and bison ranch on the property. But no matter if it’s in a treehouse or on the zip line, he’s inspiring guests to respect the land and reconnect with nature by bringing out the kid in all of us.

“People change when they’re more in tune with nature,” Beilharz said. “When you can open the doorway to the infinite through nature and experience, that’s where the magic lies.”

waterfall-filled tub
A bridge connects the Lofthaven to a bathhouse with a waterfall-filled tub.

Whether it’s dimming the lights for a relaxing soak in a treehouse bathhouse or switching on a string of twinkling lights for a nighttime zip line canopy tour, we’re proud to say David Beilharz and Cypress Valley Canopy Tours are powered by PEC.

All canopy tours and treehouses run on a reservation system, and Beilharz recommends booking your visit at least two months in advance. Learn more about Beilharz and Cypress Valley Canopy Tours here.