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PEC trains emergency responders in electrical safety

Our safety professionals help protect those who protect the public

On Sept. 11, PEC safety professionals Danny Price and Mac Maciel led an electrical safety training session at the Oak Hill Fire Department Academy for local firefighters and emergency medical responders.

“We helped provide the cadets with knowledge about what to do when they pull up to a site with energized equipment and how to safely secure the scene,” Price said. “You’ve got to keep yourself out of harm’s way so you can rescue somebody. One person in trouble is truly bad enough, but to sacrifice yourself due to basic lack of knowledge is a real loss.”

A downed power line on a crashed vehicle or electricity running to a burning building can be a serious hazard to the men and women who protect the public, especially in tense situations when life and time are on the line. Price and Maciel’s training emphasized how to de-energize meters and other electrical equipment so responders can complete rescue efforts safely.

The 15 cadets peppered the PEC trainers with questions, extending the session well into the evening. Price and Maciel left satisfied with the lessons learned.

“Safety’s number one,” Maciel said. “Doing trainings like this in the community is one way to spread it. If we can keep our first responders knowledgeable, then they can stay safe themselves and pass the knowledge along.”

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