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Help protect our poles and our lineworkers

Don’t nail or staple items to electric poles

The more than 391,000 wooden utility poles in our distribution system play an important role in powering the Hill Country. When they’re damaged by nails, staples, mowers and trimmers, the strength of the pole is compromised — meaning the strength of our system and the reliability of your power is compromised, too.

Never attach signs or other items to poles

Each nail, tack and staple used on a wooden pole makes it vulnerable to water, insects and fungi, all of which can cause decay. Additionally, if our lineworkers need to climb the pole, these items can tear their protective equipment, putting their lives in danger.

Don’t mow or trim against poles

Mowers and trimmers can damage the outer shells of wooden poles, causing strength loss.

Never use a pole as part of a structure

Not only is this illegal, it can be incredibly dangerous. Never attach anything to a utility pole.

Please don’t treat our poles as sign posts! Learn how our Pole Test and Treat maintenance program saves our poles (and your money).