Help your bill weather the lingering summer heat

These simple tips will help you save now and into the next year, too

The rest of the country may be turning its thoughts to pumpkin spice and sweater weather, but we Texans still have plenty of sweaty days ahead. Use these tips to help minimize those hot-weather bills. Remember, your bill reflects your energy use last month, so take action now: Your future self will thank you!

Changes you can make today

Start saving immediately by understanding your energy use and making smart conservation choices. Monitor your use and set up alerts using our free SmartHub app, and follow our energy-saving tips.

Here are our five highest impact energy-saving ideas for the summer months:

  • Test your HVAC unit with a digital thermometer. It’s simple and inexpensive and will indicate if you need to schedule a tune-up.
  • Check your HVAC air filters monthly, and replace them when needed to keep your system running efficiently.
  • Bump the thermostat 3–5 degrees closer to the outdoor temperature when you leave home for long periods — but don’t turn it off entirely. Learn more about thermostat settings.
  • If it runs constantly, your water heater could be costing you an average $50 extra each month. Install a timer on your water heater that shuts off the unit during times you don’t need hot water.
  • If you have a pool, install a timer on your pool pump so it runs the minimum amount of time needed to maintain water quality.

Want to save more? Read all of our Energy Service Advisor-approved tips!

Changes that will help you save tomorrow

According to, well-placed landscaping can reduce air-conditioning costs for an unshaded home by 15–50 percent. October is prime tree-planting season in Central Texas, so consider planting trees or a trellis that will shade the south and west sides of your home to help reduce your electric bill next summer.

Follow us on social media and keep your eye out for our Power Rush Hour peak alerts. This campaign, designed to help reduce the entire cooperative’s energy use during high peak periods, helped us avoid $1.4 million in additional transmission costs in 2018 — savings we pass directly to you. Through the rest of the month of September, remember to reduce and shift use of large appliances between 2–6 p.m.

If you’re still having trouble making ends meet, don’t suffer alone in the heat. Our Member Assistance Program can help qualifying members pay their electric bills, and other area non-profits may be able to lend assistance as well. Learn more on our website and by calling us at 888-554-4732 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.