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How we get the lights back on

Outage restoration: a step-by-step guide

Outages: We’ve all been there. Maybe you come home from work to find the house dark and silent. Maybe you fell asleep to the gentle sound of rain on the roof and wake up to a clap of thunder and the blinking of the alarm clock on the nightstand.

No matter the cause, your next step — reporting the outage through SmartHub or calling our outage line — sends our staff into action, and we don’t stop working until your power is back on.


  • You report an outage by phone or the SmartHub app.
  • A two-man crew is dispatched. If it’s after-hours, your district’s on-call crew receives a call at home. They rub the sleep from their eyes and start lacing up their boots.
  • Our crew travels to the outage site. They survey the area by truck or on foot, taking note of anything that could help them diagnose the issue.
  • Our crew calls our control center to report the outage cause and, if possible, offers an Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR). The dispatcher ensures the scene is safe and updates our outage map.
  • The crew makes the repair and tests the transformer to be sure everything is working. If the issue is with a remotely controlled system device, our control center will close the circuit to re-energize the line.
  • Our crew calls dispatch to report the completed repair. If nothing else is needed, they return home.
  • Our tireless lineworkers call dispatch one final time to report that they’ve arrived safely home. Then they re-enter themselves into the on-call system, close their eyes and hope the district will remain safe and powered until morning.