Cooperative News

Increased statewide electric demand causing need for conservation

Freezing weather expected to continue across the state

With continued freezing temperatures in the Texas forecast, electric demand across the state is expected to remain significantly high, testing the performance of the state’s electrical grid. We are actively monitoring our system, as well as the state’s, to ensure we maintain high performance and reliability.

In addition, we are asking members to assist in keeping our peak demand as low as possible by reducing energy use. Here are few ways you can save:

  • Set your thermostat to 68 degrees when at home and lower it even more when sleeping or away.
  • Use sweaters or blankets to maintain comfort.
  • Run ceiling fans in a clockwise direction at a low speed to circulate air throughout the house.
  • Don’t turn heaters off when you’re away: This causes heaters to work overtime when turned back on.
  • Use a clear sealant and caulk along baseboards to eliminate drafts.
  • Keep windows locked. Even the smallest crack can let heated air escape and allow cold air in your home.
  • Clean or replace your HVAC filters monthly to help your heating system run more efficiently.
  • Keep vents free from obstructions which could keep warm air from heating your home.
  • When your fireplace is not in use, close the dampers to keep heated air from escaping up your chimney.
  • Open curtains or blinds during the day to let in the sun’s heat. Close them at night to block drafts and insulate cold windows
  • If you own a heat pump, learn more about how to properly use during cold weather.

You can learn more about peak demand and how it affects our system on our Power Rush Hour page.