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PEC lineworkers take home 8 awards at International Lineman’s Rodeo

Lineworker Apprentice Nick Morris ranks in cooperative division for third consecutive year

Saturday, Oct. 13, proved an exciting day for Team PEC at the International Lineman’s Rodeo in Bonner Springs, Kansas. Every PEC competitor won an award competing against 220 journeyman teams and 290 apprentices from across the nation and Canada.

The men proudly represented PEC in a wide range of events based on the skills they have to master in their daily work, such as hurt-man rescue, pole climb, 600-amp switch change, and more. Each event is judged on safety, technique, and speed. Apprentices similarly compete in physical competitions and are also required to take a written skills test.

By participating in these events, PEC lineworkers are able to demonstrate their skills at the highest level and in a competitive environment. They also demonstrate the importance of proper training and safety protocols, as well as provide the public a glimpse into the life of utility work.

PEC Lineworker Apprentice Nick Morris was able to repeat last year’s first-place win in the Apprentice Cooperative division and fifth-place win on the written test. In 2016, his first year competing, he took home third place in the Apprentice Cooperative division. This will be Morris’ last year competing as an apprentice as he completes his progression to journeyman. Three other apprentices were also named to the cooperative top five: Darren Donhauser, Caleb Brodock, and Neil Dodson.

“Our lineworkers work hard every day to ensure PEC delivers safe and reliable power to approximately 1 million Texans,” said PEC Vice President of Operations Wayne McKee. “The primary purpose of the rodeo is to sharpen skills while concentrating on safe work practices. The team’s performance this year validates PEC’s commitment to these values. I am extremely proud of the rodeo team and grateful for the support of our board and employees.”

In addition, two PEC journeyworker teams from the Canyon Lake district put in an impressive performance, winning both third and fourth place in the Cooperative Overall Journeyman division.


Nick Morris

  • First place in Cooperative Apprentice division
  • Second place in Apprentice Overall division
  • Fifth place in Apprentice Written Test


Darren Donhauser 

  • Second place in Cooperative Apprentice division.


Caleb Brodock

  • Fourth place in Cooperative Apprentice


Neil Dodson

  • Fifth place in Cooperative Apprentice division


Randy Williams, Chris Gerchman, Thomas Logan

  • Third place in Cooperative Overall Journeyman division. 


Andy Mann, Michael Thyberg, Clayton Riedel

  • Fourth place in Cooperative Overall Journeyman division.


We’re PEC Proud of all our winners!