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PEC member relations agent serves as vice president of VFD auxiliary

How Kathryn Aponte kept firefighters nourished during recent Blanco, Llano County wildfires

In late July, brush fires blazed in Blanco and Llano counties, burning about 2,600 acres. Firefighters from both the affected and outside counties worked long hours for six days to protect the community from the flames. But heroes need support in times like these, too, which is why PEC Member Relations Agent 2 Kathryn Aponte had stepped up to serve as vice president of the Kingsland Volunteer Fire Department’s Hill Country Auxiliary.

Fire truck at burning trees
Kingsland Volunteer Fire Department brush truck on the scene of a recent wildfire in Llano County.

“The department has been in existence since the ‘60s, but they didn’t have the auxiliary until last year,” Aponte said. “My husband volunteers for the Kingsland Volunteer Fire Department (KVFD), and I knew this was a way for me to support him, our firefighters and the greater community.”

The Hill Country Auxiliary is made up of volunteer firefighter spouses and Llano County area citizens who use social media to call on the community for water and snacks to fuel firefighters during emergency situations. After receiving donations at local drop-off points, including the KVFD station, they distribute the goods to nourish the volunteers hard at work.

With the support of its community, the auxiliary’s good deeds don’t go unnoticed; it was voted 2018’s Best Fire Department Organization of the Year by the Kingsland Chamber of Commerce.

“We’re able to do what we do because of the tremendous work [our volunteer firefighters] do,” Aponte said. “We’re so grateful for the support of our community, and we would not be able to do what we do for [the firefighters] if it were not for the generosity of the community. We’re just happy to serve and support their great efforts.”

To learn more about the auxiliary and where to donate supplies, visit the organization’s Facebook page.