PEC awards scholarship to son of deceased PEC lineworker

Chance discovery of father’s equipment leads to gift of full tuition to Northwest Lineman College

On May 17, high school senior Trey Foster showed up at Burnet High School’s scholarship ceremony without knowing why he’d been invited. He soon learned the PEC Lineman’s Rodeo Team was awarding a special $15,750 scholarship to Northwest Lineman College (NLC) in Denton — the same school where he had been accepted. To Foster’s surprise, it was his name announced by the presenters.

“I was speechless whenever they called my name and announced the amount of money I would get,” Foster said. “I’m so happy and thankful.”

Foster was inspired to become a lineworker by his late father, PEC Marble Falls Lineworker Anthony Foster. In 2007, Anthony Foster was involved in a car accident that took his life, and now, 11 years later, Trey Foster has decided to follow in his father’s footsteps.

His decision couldn’t have come at a better time. The PEC Lineman’s Rodeo Team had received NLC scholarships for tuition and tools for their first- and third-place wins in 2016, and had been looking for the right recipient. Meanwhile, an office move resulted in the discovery of Anthony Foster’s old gear. PEC staff delivered it to his family, thinking they may want to have it. During the visit, they learned Trey Foster had been accepted to NLC and would start his coursework this August. The team knew then they had found the perfect fit.

“This was such a personal and special way for us to give back to one of our brothers and see NLC gain another outstanding student ready to learn,” PEC Safety & Technical Training Manager James Vasquez said. “It gives all of us great pride to give back to our friend and co-worker’s family.”

“The thing I’m most excited about going into NLC is becoming a part of the lineman family,” Foster said. “I grew up seeing my dad do it, and I can’t wait to become a lineman, too.”