Greater than the sum of its parts

Learn more about the makeup of a PEC crew

From time to time, you may see one of our crews working in your neighborhood or along the side of the road. Ever wonder what they’re doing? Learn why it takes a crew to ensure our work is done as quickly and safely as possible.

1. Journeyworkers
Trained and experienced lineworkers who are certified to work with equipment of all electric voltages.

2. Lineworker apprentices
Aspiring journeyworkers certified to work only at certain voltage levels. They often provide ground help: handing up tools and preparing equipment.

3. Safety observers
Linework is dangerous. At least one crew member is tasked with watching the work from a safety perspective.

4. Supervisor
Runs the tailboard safety meeting before work begins and ensures everything is done to standards.

5. Bucket truck
Used to lift staff and equipment to the height of electric lines. The bucket on these vehicles can extend up to 60 feet.

6. Service truck
A pick-up with equipment storage.

7. Wire trailer
Used to transport the wire that transmits electricity.