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Videos: Go up in a bucket, roll out to provide hurricane aid, and more

Three sneak peeks at ways we're PEC Proud

We are PEC Proud

There’s more to being a cooperative than just keeping the lights on. At PEC, we take pride in taking care of our community and working hard every day to bring you safe, reliable, low-cost electricity. Whether it’s illuminating the far reaches of the Texas Hill Country or fearlessly repairing equipment 60 feet off the ground, we’re PEC Proud to serve you.

3 Buckets: Rain, shine, or sleet, our lineworkers work in buckets up to 60 feet high to power more than 1 million Texans.


Junction: We’re proud to go the distance — 22,000 miles of electric line, to be exact — to bring you the power you rely on.


Harvey: We were founded by neighbors helping neighbors. When our fellow cooperatives need help, like Florida’s Jackson Electric Cooperative after Hurricane Harvey, we’re proud to lend a hand.