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PEC ranked No. 10 in nation by J.D. Power for utility customer satisfaction

Employees credit passion to serve, belief you’re more than a number

With more than 80 years of powering the Texas Hill Country, PEC has a lot to be proud of. Not only do we work hard to deliver safe, reliable electric service at low rates, we take pride in serving our members and community.

Now, we’re proud to see our care for member satisfaction reflected in the latest* J.D. Power scores, which place PEC in the top 10 for customer satisfaction in utilities nationwide. While scores are calculated based on specific metrics such as first-call resolution, PEC Vice President of Member Services Tim Nance said the secret to our success goes beyond the numbers.

“Metrics don’t make us great — our people do,” Nance said. “Our agents have roots in the communities they serve, and they know how important that is. When you live and breathe and eat in the communities with people you serve every single day, it makes a big difference.”

The community difference

PEC Member Services Supervisor Aquilina Riojas sees the impact her agents’ kindness and care has on our community in our Oak Hill office. For more than 10 years, members have come in with issues and left smiling, showing their appreciation with treats, calls and kind feedback.

“I have one agent who’s been here since our office opened, and many members will wait just to work with her because of the relationships she’s built,” Riojas said. “Our job is a matter of helping resolve members’ concerns, but it’s also a matter of making people feel good. Our members trust us because they know we’ll treat them the way we would like to be treated.”

A philosophy of care

PEC Member Services Supervisor Caroline DeCamp’s team assists members on the phone and in several of our northern district offices. She agrees that metrics don’t drive success.

“We’re relationship-building,” DeCamp said. “You can’t put that on a checklist.” Her team sums up their passion for care with a simple philosophy.

“Our team’s motto is, ‘Help everyone that you can walk away better than when they came to you,’” DeCamp said. “Every employee I have believes that with their entire being. That passion is everything with them, to have a member walk away smiling and happy at the end of the call.”

A lot has changed in 80 years, but our care for community is more powerful than ever. If you’ve received excellent service from our staff, share it with us at [email protected].

Thank you for letting us serve you. You make us PEC Proud.

*Survey year-to-date: July 2017 – April 2018