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Oh, the places you can go (on a single charge*)

Amp up for a Hill Country road trip for less than $7** of gas

When we brought electricity to the Hill Country in 1938, we laid the foundation for decades of growth and innovation. More than 80 years later, we’re still creating new possibilities in Central Texas, like opening up the Hill Country to electric vehicle travel by installing public charging stations in Johnson City.

With new electric car ranges topping 100 (and 200 and 300) miles, the wide open spaces of Central Texas are more accessible than ever. Here are eight (plus a few bonus) amazing sights you can see around and between wine country gem Fredericksburg and PEC’s Johnson City charging stations on a single charge* — or, in a standard car, for between $3 and $7** of gas.

*Based on average 2018 electric vehicle ranges.
**Based on 30 mph highway range and May 2018 average gas price in Texas of $2.53.

Fredericksburg to Johnson City

Trip length: 30.4 miles
Starting point: Public charging stations
206 W. Austin St., Fredericksburg, Texas 78624

Charging station in Fredericksburg

Whether you’re a local or just visiting charming Fredericksburg for the weekend, start with a full charge at the PlugShare charging stations on W. Austin Street. These publicly available stations cost $2 per hour to charge, which you can pay using the MobileNOW app on your cell phone.

While you’re waiting, wander around the Marktplatz and check out the shops and restaurants on Main Street.


Ready to hit the road? Let’s go!

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1. Magnolia Pearl
461 Split Rail Crossing, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624

Magnolia Pearl

Old-world sensibilities collide with high fashion at Magnolia Pearl, home to the work of designer Robin Brown. Stop in for a photo among the haunted-feeling lace and weathered barn wood. Open seven days a week.

Magnolia Pearl interior

2.  Wildseed Farms
100 Legacy Drive, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624

Wildseed Farms

Stop and smell the roses at Wildseed Farms, a rolling, 200-acre wildflower farm. Wander the all-ages accessible walking trails or stock up on seeds at the farm’s shop to sow your own wild wonders. Open seven days a week; free admission.

Wildseed farms store

3. Eyfells & Eyfells Art Studios
9068 U.S. Highway 290, Fredericksburg, Texas 78624

Eyfells and Eyfells Art Studios

Roam the dreamlike ranch of sculptor Johann Eyfells, filled with enormous, abstract sculptures in aluminum, iron and copper. Visitors are invited to park on-site and explore the grounds. Free admission.

4. The Texas White House and Lyndon B. Johnson Ranch
199 Park Road 52, Stonewall, Texas 78671

LBJ ranch house

If you didn’t know Texas had its own White House, buckle up for a trip to the Lyndon B. Johnson Ranch in Stonewall. The self-guided driving tour of the sprawling grounds takes you past the former president’s birthplace, Johnson family cemetery, airplane hangar and more. Open seven days a week; free day permit required.

5. Hye Market
10261 U.S. Highway 290, Hye, Texas 78635

Hye Market

Stop to say “hye!” and grab a bite at Hye Market, a lunch spot and tasting room nestled in Hye’s 114-year-old post office. Enjoy fresh, local meat and produce and drink in the history along with beverages from nearby vineyards.

Recharge point: PEC headquarters
201 S Avenue F, Johnson City, Texas 78636

PEC headquarters charging station

Welcome to Johnson City (named not for President Lyndon B. Johnson, but his uncle, James Polk Johnson)! Park by the 24-hour public-access Chargepoint stations located on East Ladybird Lane on the south side of PEC’s headquarters building. The 6.6-kilowatt Level 2 charging ports cost $3.60 per hour of charge and require a Chargepoint card or app.

Stretch your legs while you’re charging up and enjoy some of small-town Texas’ best.

6. Science Mill
101 S. Lady Bird Lane, Johnson City, Texas 78636

Science Mill

Discover hands-on, STEM-powered fun for all ages at this interactive museum, housed in a refurbished 1880 steam grist mill. Dance in the silo Cell Phone Disco, dig for fossils, play with the giant interactive hand and more. Open Wednesday through Sunday; general admission varies.

Johnson City store fronts7. Shops and galleries of Main Street
U.S. Highway 290, Johnson City, Texas 78636
Stroll up Main Street and explore the art galleries, restaurants and shops of charming downtown Johnson City. Barbecue, yard art, casual fine dining, vintage furniture and more — there’s something for everyone.

8. Lyndon B. Johnson Boyhood Home and Settlement
Intersection of Ladybird Lane and Avenue G, Johnson City, Texas 78636

LBJ boyhood home

Visit former president Lyndon B. Johnson’s boyhood home, then explore the quiet, weathered cabins of the Johnson Settlement, where LBJ’s grandparents settled in the 1860s. Pastures of native grasses and longhorn cattle take you back in time to the old West. Open seven days a week; free admission.

Ready to hit the road? Stay tuned this year for easy electric road trips out of Austin, San Marcos and more!