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We’re PEC Proud to be No. 10 in the nation for residential utility services!

New 2017-18 J.D. Power scores reflect gains in reliability, value and customer satisfaction

Reliability. Value. Strengthening communities. These are some of the principles that have guided PEC on our 80-year journey to serving approximately 1 million Texans across 8,100 square miles.

And we’re proud to share that the latest J.D. Power scores demonstrate those principles have served us well: Out of 138 residential electric utilities, PEC is ranked 10th overall in the nation for customer utility satisfaction, and seventh overall among electric cooperatives.

“We’re honored our members have responded positively as we continue our efforts of providing low-cost, reliable electricity,” said PEC Chief Executive Officer Julie Parsley. “At PEC, we’re proud of the work we do to brighten the lives and communities in our service territory.”

Highlights from this year’s J.D. Power results

Out of 138 U.S. residential electric utilities, PEC is ranked

Our commitment to service has led to a 30-point year-over-year improvement, and we look forward to bringing you even more satisfaction as we continue to grow. We’re PEC Proud to serve you.