PEC, LCRA give back to Hill Country communities for annual Steps Forward Day

Keep Blanco Beautiful collaborates with event to enhance local outdoor areas

Here at PEC, we don’t wait until the holidays come around — we give back to our community year-round. This year, we will be featuring the many ways we make the Hill Country an even better place to live. Because we don’t just power your community; we empower it, too!

Every spring for the past three years, PEC volunteers have graciously gotten their hands dirty on LCRA’s Steps Forward Day, an annual event to help beautify Central Texas. The continued support of our cooperative and LCRA is important for communities like Blanco, which relies on the organizations to help keep its outdoor areas clean and green.

“We don’t have enough volunteers on our own to maintain our parks and brush along the rivers,” said Board Director of Keep Blanco Beautiful Retta Martin. “We’ve been working with both organizations for a long time, even outside Steps Forward Day, and it’s always a blessing to work together.”

Since the torrential Blanco River flood in 2015, Martin and the Keep Blanco Beautiful organization have been consistently repairing and restoring the habitat alongside the river and in other affected areas. For Steps Forward Day in 2016, our volunteers helped plant trees, clear litter and add fresh paint to Blanco City Park, and last year, we cleared brush along the Blanco River.

“This is what it’s all about: helping the community and helping each other out to make our cities beautiful,” said PEC Software Developer 2 Bill Sewell, who volunteered during last year’s Steps Forward Day.

On Keep Blanco Beautiful’s behalf, Martin can’t express her gratitude enough to the entire Steps Forward Day program. It’s the many faces (and hands) of PEC and LCRA employees who give her the resources to keep Blanco at its best.

“The service they give us is wonderful,” she said. “We all appreciate their help more than they will ever know, and we will always welcome them back to our beautiful town to help keep it in tiptop shape.”