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Understanding your bill: interconnection

This short series sheds light on your monthly bill

You know you pay for the energy you use, but what are all those other items on your bill? Our Understanding Your Bill series helps break it down.


If you see this line item on your bill, it’s because you’ve got solar panels, wind turbines or other small power-generating equipment at your location and you’ve signed up for interconnection, which allows you to export the excess energy you generate into our system. At the end of each month, any energy you’ve generated and put back into the system, subtracted from the energy we sold to you, is called net energy and will be credited back to you on your monthly bill at the net energy credit rate.

In accordance with PEC’s tariff, the per-kilowatt hour (kWh) net energy credit rate is the same as the rate we charge our members for power: the base power cost plus the power cost adjustment (PCA).

(Note that in periods where the PCA is negative, the net energy credit rate will appear lower than the base power cost we charge our members. They’re actually the same: Our members pay the base power cost plus the PCA per kWh of power. We pay our interconnect members the base power cost plus the PCA per kWh of power.)

See the current net energy credit rate and learn more about our interconnection process here.

sample PEC bill
All per-kilowatt hour charges are based on your net energy use. The exception is the service availability charge, which is a flat rate.
sample PEC bill
When you produce more energy than you use, your bill displays no line items other than the service availability charge.