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We’re PEC Proud to deliver strong reliability

Members, on average, experience an outage every 1.5 years

At PEC, we set our standards high and then work safely round-the-clock to beat them. That’s why our reliability ratings are some of the best in the region. In fact, three out of four of our members experienced no unplanned outages this year; members, on average, experienced a power interruption once every 1.5 years, with the duration lasting less than 60 minutes.

How our reliability measures up

With such a large and diverse service area, we’re incredibly proud of the reliability we’re able to offer our members. The chart below, which shows 2017 SAIDI metrics for Texas utilities, illustrates how we stack up to the rest of the state.

2017 SAIDI - Texas Utilities
2017 SAIDI metrics for Texas utilities: Annual Forced Interruptions for SAIFI & SAIDI; Reports filed in PUCT Project No. 47924, 2017 Electric Service Quality Reports Pursuant to 16 TAC §§25.52 and 25.81

Ensuring your lights stay on

We measure our system outages using two key metrics: how often outages occur and how long those outages are, averaged out over our membership annually — essentially, how many minutes the average PEC member spends in the dark each year.

Your satisfaction is important. That’s why we’re PEC Proud to provide you with reliable service.