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PEC member revives historic dining railcar with Winner Winner Rotisserie and Fine Foods

New Oak Hill restaurant provides wholesome family dinners on the go

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

PEC member Sarah Lindsey just couldn’t resist naming her newly opened restaurant in Oak Hill, Winner Winner Rotisserie and Fine Foods, after the common phrase. She had always wanted a restaurant of her own, and after developing recipes at Austin’s Royal Blue Grocery for eight years, it was time for her to pursue her rotisserie takeout concept.

“In Europe, there’s this tradition of grabbing your chicken from the chicken lady at the neighborhood market and bringing it home for dinner,” Lindsey explained. “Rotisseries are everywhere there, and I love that idea of eating ‘fast’ food that’s not cooked fast. I wanted this place to be where the community can grab a healthy, high-quality, well-sourced dinner that’s convenient and quick.”

Sarah Lindsey at Winner Winner Rotisserie and Fine Foods
PEC member and owner of Winner Winner Rotisserie and Fine Foods Sarah Lindsey at its bar, an original feature of the railcar.

The menu was intentional, but the railcar was not. While Lindsey was looking for a small place to rent in Austin, she stumbled upon a space for lease at the Texas Compound, a commercial lot specializing in the preservation of restored railroad structures. Collector and owner William Osborne was looking for a restaurant owner to lease a restored dining railcar he had on the property. Connecting was a win-win for both of them.

“The railcar was wrecked when he got it,” Lindsey said. “He took it back down to its shell and restored it to what it looked like when it was running on the line. All we had to do was put in equipment. We use the same kitchen area and even the old iceboxes (which were installed with modern refrigeration) that were in there, too.”

Winner Winner roasts chicken, lamb, porchetta (a pork loin wrapped with pork belly), seasonal vegetables and even bakes a few sweet treats. Lindsey works directly with local farmers and ranchers to supply her proteins and is a firm believer in farm-to-table for Winner Winner’s side dishes, too.

“It helps me sleep better at night knowing that the community is coming to our little chicken train and can feel good about what they’re eating and giving to their families,” Lindsey said.

Whether firing up the rotisserie or lighting up Winner Winner’s one-of-a-kind railcar, we’re proud to say that Sarah Lindsey and Winner Winner Rotisserie and Fine Foods are powered by PEC.

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