Energy Savings

Stop winter bills in their tracks

Use these tips to keep bills low when the temperature drops

Winter is on its way, and with it comes increased electric use. Use these tips to head off high bills in the months to come.

Clean HVAC filters

Be sure to change HVAC filters regularly to ensure your unit is working as efficiently as possible. This can help prevent strain in the winter months when you need to run the heat.

Understand your heat pump

If you use a heat pump, make sure it’s running correctly, and increase the temperature in two-degree increments only to avoid shifting into a more expensive heating mode.

Be smart with your thermostat

Set your thermostat to 68 degrees or lower during the heating season to save energy, and think carefully about temperature fluctuations.

Use SmartHub’s Usage Explorer to understand your use and see how often your heater comes on to maintain your home’s temperature. In newer homes, which maintain temperature better than older homes, PEC Energy Service Advisor Chris Denison recommends staying within the same 3-5 degree temperature range. If you heat with electricity (not natural gas), program your thermostat to increase only two degrees at a time. In older homes which may be less efficient, you can drop your temperature 7-10 degrees when away from home or sleeping.


Save with a water heater timer

If your unit is heating water when you don’t need it, you’re paying for electricity (or gas) you’re not using. Install a timer to save money, and set your water heater to 120 degrees to save even more.

Insulate floors

If you’re losing heat through your floor, you’re losing energy and money. Insulate crawlspaces and pier-and-beam foundations.

Seal the gaps

Add weatherstripping to doors and windows, and use caulk to seal any gaps where plumbing or electrical wires enter or exit your home or foundation.

Keep saving with our energy-saving tips.